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About me

Welcome to my website! My names Jess (Jessica) I am 20 years old.

I inspire to change myself and other people for the better. By this I mean I encourage positivity, productivity and overall health/ well being.

I started tattooing at the age of 18 but have wanted and researched it since the age of 11.


Tattooing to me is not only an art but a culture and hobby.In order for me to achieve my dream I had to sacrifice a lot of my growing up.

I was never one to party neither do I smoke. I spent a lot of time working and saving for all the equipment mostly by myself.

My inspiration is Kat Von D. I got my first ever tattoo in Florida for my 16th birthday.


Tattooing for me has helped me build my confidence and has made me have the chance to get to know so many great people.

As a child I would see myself always associated around business.

I have been taught that in order to enjoy life you must do the things that you are passionate about.


My values are respect, honesty and trust. In my free time I like to try new things and always in the mood to travel.

I work alone as I think that It’s my comfort zone for now. I’m very close to my parents who are located underneath the shop.

They have always been my inspiration and have taught me my morals I have today.

I aspire to be just like them.